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That Time I Was an Imposter

I was reminded, recently, how much I have come to hate the phrase “imposter syndrome”. Not because I don’t think it’s a helpful concept (I do). But because it’s overused, and used harmfully. My post The Trouble with Imposters resurfaced, and I was in a BBC program about it. Then Rachel Smith wrote an awesome […]

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The Trouble With Imposters

Tech culture doles out imposter syndrome on one side, hubris on the other. Originally published in Model View Culture, April 2015. There’s something ironic about the fact that as the deadline for this piece approached, I opened the document and stared blankly at it. Frankly, opening it was progress—I’d been intimidated to come back and […]

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Back to Feeling Like an Imposter

Ages and ages ago, I wrote about not having imposter syndrom anymore. I wrote about how being a programmer was an accident, but a happy one. I give talks (one next week in fact) on how great it is to code. But this evening, I was trying to prep for this interview I have coming […]