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Berlin, March 2015

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I went back to Berlin to… tie up loose ends, I guess you could say. Mostly I worked and caught up with friends but I did have time for a little touristing in one of my favourite cities.

Stayed at the Movenpick which was nice, and after discovering it was a twin room (the horror!) was actually upgraded to a suite. Got brunch at Chipps (twice!) and Aroma (lovely), and had lunch at YamYam (tasty) and dinner at Dolores (spicy) and Shiso Burger, and ice cream at Amorino, juice at Daluma. Went back to my old neighbourhood and was nostalgic with dinner at Reischale, brunch at Roamers, and of course Tabibito.

Took a walk through the park in the centre, Tiergarten, past the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and where I was finally able to see the Homosexual Memorial (charming and voyeuristic). There was also something nearby called the Global Stone Project. Also went up the TV tower which is cool, something I did my first trip to Berlin but not since.

Went to the Dali museum. I’ve written about how Dali was a pretty reprehensible human being but I remain obsessed with his art. It was a small collection with some quite dark pieces, and drawings. Expensive but worth a visit if you love his art. I really love large collections by one artist, because you get to see the recurring themes and how they evolve.

Anyway what can I say? I love Berlin and I’ll be back again — soon.


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