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It was my birthday. Mostly just been working and working out, did try and explore a bit more of Santiago though. And then headed to Easter Island, which is exciting. My first pacific island!

Continuing to explore Choose Me May and it is really making a difference in my life! I love that some of my friends are doing it too and we are checking in on each other. Had an impromptu reading group with one of my friends when we read the same book, which was also lovely.


Focused on getting on top of things before I have less internet for a while. Still quite a bit of client work and calls about a project for June which I think will be fun. Couple of calls about smaller bits of work.

Got a new alpha of Show and Hide Android out, bit overwhelmed about what to look at next because there is a lot to do. Think I am going to focus on testing and optimisation (saving files seems to be a major performance bottleneck for some reason).

Progress on some branding / marketing stuff, and a Secret Project.

We launched the Technically Speaking sixmonthiversary which has been exciting! Been quite a bit of work to get everything together but the response so far has been great. Yay!


Watching Gossip Girl, getting towards the end of Season 5 and Season 6 is pretty short so I guess it is approaching the end but I feel like it will be Time by then.

Finished Better than Before, and read Data Driven. Also read Rumours. Continuing to plod through Professional Android 4 Application Development.

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A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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