do u fear love?
Credit: flickr / ia7mad

Last year, I tried to take up rollerblading. But then they broke, I couldn’t get any in my size, went to China, dislocated my kneecap… suffice to say, I didn’t get very far.

This year, I’m trying again. I have rollerblades, they fit… and then I didn’t go.

I was scared.

When I rollerbladed before, my ex would come with me. It’s amazing how much I depended on him, despite priding myself in my independence. I also can’t work out the stupid printer set up. But that’s by the by.

Anyway, eventually I went out – and it was fine. I enjoyed it. How much time have I spent prevaricating, scared over something that I have no reason to be scared off? What else have I not done because I was afraid?

Maybe next week I’ll get out my bike, which I haven’t been on since the whole kneecap-dislocation incident. Or do something else that’s a little scary. Suggestions?

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