Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-31

  • On the phone with bank: "if we said we'd sent you a form, one was sent out", well I didn't receive one. Am being v unpleasant+angry. Grrr! #
  • Keys? Wallet? Phone? Towel? Check! Happy towel day y'all! #
  • I'm a dreamer, and that's okay – #
  • What's the probability of having a good day when you've crashed your computer by 9:15? #
  • Everyone who I wish a happy towel day looks at me blankly! This is IBM! I thought we would all be celebrating it. Very disappointed :,( #
  • Nooooo too hot too early for bootcamp! The Brit in me cannot jump about at these tempertures! #
  • Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team – #
  • Kickboxing this morning was AWESOME! Energized and fired up for the day ahead! Have a good one, twitterverse! #
  • At ignite Ottawa! Excited for it! #
  • Excited for aerial experience Sunday 3pm! Anyone else want to come? /cc @krusk @spoonsie #
  • Xtian: I think homosexuality is a choice and morally wrong. Me: I think religion is a mental illness humanity hasn't evolved out of yet. #

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