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Such a dull week, I’d been feeling under the weather for a while and it hit me with a vengeance. So I spent 4 days on the sofa barely moving and feeling extremely sorry for myself! Then went to spend some time with my family for the weekend. And, get an eye test. I ordered super cool new glasses, which is exciting.

Got my drivers licence back! Which is very exciting. Also all confirmed for another conference I will be speaking at in September.


Finished watching Modern Family Season 5, read a number of books (could not cope with glowing screens this week), mostly rereading terrible books. Falling Fast (so terrible), Falling for You (actually pretty good, I like Jill Mansell), Following My Toes (also terrible), Fourteen Days Later (urgh), A Family Affair (hmmm), Fashionably Late (pretty sure this was terrible), First Ladies (interesting in parts, full of sexist tropes), finished The Darker Side of Love (enjoyed this). Tiny bit more progress on Gravitas.

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