Book: Self Promotion for Introverts

self promotion for introverts

I didn’t really enjoy Self-Promotion for Introverts (Amazon), but I think that is probably not just about the book, and also about my general negative feelings towards self-promotion. However my biggest peeve was that it is not formatted properly for kindle, resulting in some sections of text being cut off. This just seems shoddy (especially when the kindle version is ~$10).

In general, the book felt a bit too broad and some chapters, for example on interviewing and presenting, weren’t really introvert specific. There is lots of more thorough information on those topics out there, although there was the odd helpful tips, like exactly where to sit at the table in a meeting (1 seat from centre of the table).

What I found most interesting was a typical extroverts day. Have long known I’m ambivert, but that was a sign I’m definitely not an extrovert! And the list of words. Home “where no one bothers you” – yup.

Overall, it was OK. It’s a relatively short read but hardly packed with content. I think there are better resources. Seems to mostly targets people who would say “but introverts don’t”, whereas I think if you have accepted a degree of self promotion is necessary and are just looking for coping strategies, you’d be better to look elsewhere.

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