Week in Brief

Last week my goals were:

  • Write more on thesis not as much as I wanted, but some progress
  • Create slides for presentation – made plan, have a good idea of what I want to do
  • CA Project plan (need to find out what this entails)
  • WISE event
  • Write survey for other project – on hold until my supervisor gets back
  • Keep working on Twitter Viz, maybe look for a new viz toolkit.

Last week was in some ways a write-off. I was miserable and strung out because of my TA job – after all the marking I did the week before (all Sunday afternoon and most of the evening) the Prof had made a mistake with the login he sent me, so that was all for nothing and I had to mark another group. And, as he didn’t mention this mistake when he sent me another username and password, I didn’t realize this had happened – until Wednesday when my marks had to be submitted Thursday morning. There was various other stuff, including a barrage of complaints from students about the marking scheme (I have no power! I have no power!) which meant by Friday I was really upset.

But then I spent the weekend in Boston, and whilst I’m slightly overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I’ve come back to and still feeling slightly motion sick from the 8 hour car journey, I really needed the break. And, I’ve finished reading Stumbling on Happiness (Amazon) – wonderful, insightful book. I’m not any happier, but at least I know why. And maybe it gives me some tools to make better predictions of what will make me happier in the future.

So, for this week:

  • Read 8 papers
  • Create diagram in Viseo
  • Turn plan into slides for presentation
  • Get started with CA Assignment 2
  • Deal with final issues from marking fiasco
  • Read 2 chapters of CA book
  • Set up new laptop and get important stuff syncing.
  • Code more on my viz stuff
  • Write more on thesis
  • More on website
  • Move to Google Calendar
  • Clear up apartment
  • Finish reading Tribes (Amazon)

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