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Reaching Profitability – 7 Things I’ve Learned

In May, I met my revenue goals, and in June I’ll take a pay-check – my first since I escaped my gilded cage. It’s an exciting milestone, and one I’m proud of. However when people say they envy my life, or that I’m “living the dream” I get quite irritated. Yeah, it looks good, now. […]

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Girl Geek Dinner Sydney: Pixels, Post-its, and Unicorns

I’ve known Tammy a long time (we worked together in Minnesota!) so I know how amazing she is – and I was really happy she agreed to speak at the Girl Geek Dinner we hosted. I thought it was a really interesting talk, about how to support and create innovation. Tammy’s been in UX for […]

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Why I Never Buy Groupons

I signed up for Groupon (disclaimer: personalized link) and within the week came across this article on Posies cafe. Basically, the Groupon promotion they ran nearly shut them down and they had to raid their savings just to make payroll. That made me a little wary, and when a restaurant I like came up I […]

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TV via iTunes

I’ve never bought any music on iTunes. I’ve long resented the fact that it’s nearly as expensive as buying a CD, and I don’t have the physical CD to put in my car or just to have in case of a computer crash. But not that long ago, I started renting, and then buying movies […]

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Of Matchmaking and Meddling

I meet a lot of people who are, or have a hankering to be, entrepreneurs. I don’t, at all. Is that weird? I do, though, have a hankering to make stuff. And something that I’ve come back to multiple times is dating facilitation. I love matchmaking. I’m terrible at it, but I can’t seem to […]

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Relationships 2.0

I had an argument with a friend yesterday. He’d been a little economical with the truth and I found out and was angry. I found out via Facebook – of course. Facebook knows everything. This propelled me to write this post I’ve been thinking about for a while. The thrust of the talk that I […]

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The Social Network Business Plan

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been reading The Social Network Business Plan. The premise of which is that the next big thing will be Social Networks built around products or services, for which there are 18 revenue channels – including subscription, conferences or “get-togethers”, and finally chopping up what people are […]

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Why Not Fix Your Broken Business Model?

Been reading a lot about how the music industry and the TV and movie industry are falling down, and they all blame “pirates” (great article on how stupid and offensive a label that is given the Somali pirates here). I also recently finished reading Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World […]