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Why I Never Buy Groupons

I signed up for Groupon (disclaimer: personalized link) and within the week came across this article on Posies cafe. Basically, the Groupon promotion they ran nearly shut them down and they had to raid their savings just to make payroll. That made me a little wary, and when a restaurant I like came up I […]

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Simple Steps that Reduced my Bounce Rate

Given that my current project is all about engagement, it’s probably not surprising that I’m more focused on engagement with my website than number of hits. Here’s my SEO strategy: write content, post regularly, give pages different names, insert images properly. That’s it. However the bounce rate is more interesting – that’s the number of […]

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Digitally Distinct?

Out of interest, I took the Online Identity Calculator, and they gave me a badge! Dominating the first 3 pages for my name was pretty easy because I have an uncommon one. But social media is a big part of it. A lot of my results are from Twitter (and applications built on it that […]

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How Web 2.0 is Changing the Way we Communicate

This is what I’ve been finding in my research – what do you think? Anything missing?


iTunes Store Optimization?

MobileCrunch has an interesting article about the dodgy tactics of a PR firm promoting iPhone apps. The thrust of it is that this company (Reverb) has, as part of the strategy they advertise to customers, been having interns post reviews of apps submitted to the store and also around the web. These tactics have something […]

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Why SEO is a Load of Crap

A blogger I read, wrote this post commenting on SEO. I suggest you read it, because it’s good, but in brief the question she’s asking is – what is SEO? Why isn’t blogging about content? I commented on her post, but I think my thoughts on SEO merit their own little forum. So here we […]