This Week



Went to the Museo de la Antioquia to see the latest exhibitions, to the market that only happens on the first Saturday of the month, and also to the Van Gogh experience, which I really loved – surprisingly, given there were no originals. It was video set to music with quotes from the artist. I watched it through twice from different parts of the space. And the botanical gardens! I am so in love with this city.

Had an emoji-themed birthday party for one of the engineers, very proud of myself for negotiating getting the decorations done for me in Spanish. Took a climbing lesson in Spanish with another one – exhausting physically and mentally. Really happy to share the city I live in with people visiting, including going to the Botero Plaza and playing Tejo.


Offsite – super exhausting but super rewarding. Been so great to spend time with my team. Went to the first Medellin Android meetup, which was super fun!

Haven’t got to email in months, so slowly trying to work through it.

I’ll be speaking at BrooklynJS and Write Speak Code.


Finished watching The Good Wife! What a show. Finished First Break All the Rules. Still (kinda) reading A Window Opens, I should probably just give up on it though.


A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

Sent a Where the Hell is Cate letters from “Home” (extracts).

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