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Talking Shine Theory and Other Things on LTOE

Less Than Or EqualI was on Less Than or Equal in March, something that I’ve actually been engaging in self-promotion of, because I think it’s one of the better things I’ve done. Largely because Aleen (the host) asked such thoughtful questions, and made me feel so comfortable speaking to her.

I’ve also discovered that I just love podcasts as a format – as a way to practice extemporaneous speaking, and because it’s (hopefully) an interesting conversation, with another interesting human. I talked about some things that I’ve never written about in detail, and probably never will, like getting harassed at work, the HR experience, and that time I pulled out of a conference because they refused to implement a code of conduct (and the fall out). I also talked about finding a healthy work environment, and best of all, Shine Theory, and how my amazing friends lift me up and inspire me.

My favourite comment on this podcast was from my friend Camille, “This is basically what many behind closed doors conversations between women sound like, if you’ve ever wondered”.

This episode was the most downloaded ever, and people said really nice things about it. I loved recording it, I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and I’d love it if you listened to it too.

Preparing for Podcasts

This was the second podcast I recorded this year (although it was released first), and my strategy for preparing is:

  1. Ask if there are any topics they want to cover with me, and go and read through any writing I’ve done on that subject.
  2. Listen to at least one episode of that podcast, ideally a recommendation from someone for their favourite episode.
  3. Prep anything I need to prep (the other podcast I did had some prepared questions). Make notes, don’t expect to remember anything.
  4. Arrange space in my day for it, so that I can get into the right mind-set ~30 minutes before.
  5. Get any software I need set up.
  6. Try and get into a headspace of warmth (see: The Charisma Myth). This makes my voice sound warmer and me seem nicer.
  7. Have fun!

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Thanks, Cate! I’m preparing for an interview for the Less Than Or Equal podcast later today, and your post is both timely and helpful.

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