This Week



Woke up Monday sick which is not a great start to the week, combined with surprise! building works which meant I had to be out of the apartment all day for 2-days. Timing was pretty terrible! But that is how it goes sometimes. At least it pushed me to explore a bit and I found some cool places.


Busy. Actually been writing a bit of code lately which is hard with everything else – I worry my attention span is shot – but I think it’s helping me understand some stuff that I need to.


Found a new tea place I love Como Pez en el Agua, and tasty hummus at Tabun, and good sushi at Sushi Market.


Watching How I Met Your Mother Season 6. Still reading One Strategy. Read The Balance Project, The Heir and the Spare, and now reading Match Me If You Can.


A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

On the Internet