This Week

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In Bogota! Adjusting to life here – joined a gym (which has fingerprint authentication! And a fighting cage!) and I’ve been exploring my neighbourhood. Generally being a bit of a hermit after running around for all of March, which has been great.


Pretty much finished my iOS unit testing workshop! One last person is taking a look, and then it’ll be ready.

Moved forward on a couple of things that I can’t share yet – but soon! Including an article I am excited about.

Started looking at the code for a friend’s startup, helping her with some iOS stuff. And finally finished up a couple of little bits on Android and got it running on a device! It looks terrible and runs slowly – but progress!

May marks 6 months of Technically Speaking, so starting to look into celebrating that.


Watching Gossip Girl. Read The Eloquent Woman’s Guide to Moderating Panels (really good), and working on Professional Android 4 Application Development again. Novels: finished Home Truths, and read The Teashop on the Corner, now reading Pillow Talk.


A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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