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Amsterdam, March 2015

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I was in Amsterdam very briefly for mdevcon, which was great – I gave a workshop and a talk in two days so I didn’t feel like I got to experience much of the conference, but I did meet some lovely people and they treated the speakers really well. Including picking me up at the airport with a sim card and travel pass! And waiting patiently when I had to go back through because I had somehow walked right past my luggage.

This was my third time in Amsterdam. It’s a great city – I need to go back and spend more time there. No time and/or mental capacity to see anything, so I just contented myself with some walks around the city and managed to meet a twitter friend in real life – always awesome!

I stayed at the NH Hotel, which was fine, and the Sheraton Airport Hotel which was nice (huge bathroom). Brunch at Greenwoods (lovely), delicious sandwiches at Singel 404 (great but so busy at lunchtime) and Broodje Bert, crepes at Pancakes! Amsterdam, and an amazing speaker dinner – what a view – at Blue. The conference venue was Pathé Tuschinski, which was super cool.