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I feel like I’m running out of time in Berlin. This week has been defined by that – frantic socialisation with people I’m sad to leave, drama-in-my-head about things that wouldn’t matter or be so pressing if I didn’t feel so strongly that time is running out.

I’ve loved it here. Maybe I’ll even come back… but for now, it’s nearly time to move on.


I gave my Distractedly Intimate talk at Etsy (un-retired it just for the office manager at Etsy Berlin, because she is the nicest). It was pretty great to hang out there, I’m really inspired by the number of technical women I know at Etsy and how they are thriving.

Other than that, focusing on the workshop for Unit Testing iOS UI code (which was the first to be fully booked! Yay!) Wow prepping these things is a lot of work. I’m excited about it though.


My usual haunts: Roamers, Tabibito, Reisschale,

Also Rembrandt Burger (they have tiny burgers which are awesome), Melbourne Canteen (yummy brunch, with aussie friends), hot chocolate at MelroRon Telesky Canadian PizzaManouche (crepes!), Chaapa (tasty thai food and some kind of lychee drink that I got tipsy on), Nest (this weeks sandwich wasn’t as good), Gaia (German food, heavy but amazing deserts), Bruch (meh brunch), Beuster (cocktails), Martins Place (cake).

Went to the Computerspielemuseum which was super fun! It’s a museum of video games, and they have some really classic ones. We played lemmings for… quite a while. They also have a machine that shocks you when you lose.


Watching Drop Dead Diva Season 6, actually the last one! I’m kind of sad that it is really going to be over, but have to acknowledge 6 seasons is about right. And I can always watch it again from the beginning…

Finished Fen and Pip, same critique of some of her other books – homophobic in what I hope is a product of it’s time way. I do admire the way the set of books complement each other, they take place in the same time period and reference each other without spoiling.


The article Karen and I wrote, Tech’s Male ‘Feminists’ Aren’t Helping, is referenced in this TLDR episode.

A new edition of Technically Speaking is out, and we published a follow up to our webinar.

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