This Week


Hanging out in Canadia (KW) this week and catching up with friends from when I lived here. It’s great to see people! Also gave a talk at the University of Waterloo, which I live tweeted. Then heading back to the UK. Looking forward to getting back in the pool! I’ve missed swimming.


Contemplating a job offer, but meanwhile I continue explore freedom. I’m making progress on the app! Which is exciting (is there anything better than an excited email from your UX designer and new mocks?). Also following up on some potential consultancy stuff.


Very foodie week including Bhimas, Uptown 21, Public. There is Cha Time here! Which was wonderous. I drank a lot of it.


Reading Jean Jennings Bartik’s memoir Pioneer Programmer, which is great so far. For light relief, finished Beauvallet and read Charity Girl and Convenient Marriage.

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Elsewhere: I was Hannah’s Ada Lovelace Day pick! And quoted in The Guardian.

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