This Week

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I don’t even know what I did this week, been so stressed lately and it’s been catching up with me. Not sleeping well, etc. I think I’m getting less stressed, and that things are better, but it’s been going long enough now that I just feel worn down by it. Missed mid-week kettlebell workout because I spent an evening with a headache so bad I could barely stand up, which sucked. Just trying to relax and be kind to myself, really.

Went out to a Girls in Tech event (VC and entrepreneur panel, pretty cool), met up with a woman doing a startup, and had brunch with a Canadian visiter.


My little tiny team now has an intern! Which is exciting. So trying to define what we are doing, how we communicate etc. Wrote lots of code.

Hosted an internal showing of the ENIAC programmers documentary, which is so amazing. I’m so lucky to have got to see it a second time!


Watched season 1 of Suburgatory (light relief), catching up on The Good Wife, How I Met Your Mother, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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