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This week was mostly quality time with the family, chilling out. I’ve been trying to get to the gym as much as possible given the rubbish opening hours around this time of year, as the dark and being cooped up is continuing to get to me. When I’m at the gym and see adverts for Australia on the TVs I feel so homesick. Headed to London for the weekend for a party and got a fantastic deal on a nice hotel close to the gym. Spent lots of time in the gym, but rubbish trains and the party actually being in Kent meant I missed it.

Last week of homelessness! I am looking forward to moving into my apartment, and even purchased some domestic things I need! Like pillows. And a kettle.

Meanwhile with some of the free time from days off I gave my website a bit of a visual overhaul. It’s nice to make time for that kind of thing – it had looked the same way for a while and was getting stale. I’ve gone for a more visual look. I like it, especially the homepage… although it turns out that I illustrate my writing with pictures of balloons more often than I thought.

I didn’t get started on the Looming Deadline for the personal project I’m super excited about but somehow have writers block on. I’ve started to think more concretely about how I’ll structure it and what I need to do, which is something.

There’s a really good deal on Misfit Wearables right now, up until the end of December. I’d put off buying one because postage to Europe was so expensive, but this made it worthwhile so I ordered one. My mom bought me a music player I can wear whilst swimming, which I’m excited about – I have wanted such a thing for a long time. Ages ago I saw an incredibly expensive one that made you “hear” things by causing your cheekbones to vibrate… weird (see Gizmodo article). Anyway, we’ll see how it works out.


I finally got a working computer – speeding things up exponentially! This was exciting and for a day I experienced technological happiness, until updating my laptop to Mavericks turned my laptop into an animated paperweight. So frustrating! Although that meant I ended up focusing on something else, which along with some other stuff I wrote up my manager seemed to appreciate.

In the brief lull in the ongoing battle of Cate vs Computers, I finished up my first thing – the small refactoring that turned out to need some other stuff done too (always the way). Server side stuff hasn’t been as scary as I thought and I don’t miss the visuals as much as I thought I would.

I also reviewed applications for this conference I’m helping out.


I stayed at The Park Lane Hotel, which is fancy but a little dated. Only two elevators, but there didn’t seem to be a lot of guests so that wasn’t too bad. So loud in the evening, I guess walls and doors are not that thick, so that made it hard to get to sleep. Terrible shower. But great location, so I mostly showered at the gym anyway.

Last weekend was a good one for food, so I went back to Cocochan, again before 5 with the great foursquare deal (tried the salty caramel mousse, which was not as amazing as the mango coconut parfait – disappointing) and Sofra for their delicious brunch. Also went to another branch of Ping Pong for dim sum, which was yummy. I like this part of town (Mayfair area), I wish I had looked at apartments here!


Went to see Chicago which was good – amazing vocals, great dancing. The costumes were a little… odd. The men were wearing corsets, and the women were wearing.. very little. It actually passes the Bechdel test, which is something, although the women are vicious, remorseless, narcissists, the victims are their (male) partners, and their rescuer a man.

Finished Brothers and Sisters season 3, started on season 4, Still loving it, still great motivation for getting to the gym. Although I confess I’ve not just been watching it at the gym! Winter hibernation strikes, it’s been a two years since I experienced cold and dark so I guess the fact that it’s affecting me shouldn’t be too surprising.

Read A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill. Bit saccharine, but reasonable to escape for an afternoon (or evening!). And also Can’t Take My Eyes Off You which I liked. A little less unnaturally cheerful than other things I’ve been reading, but not too miserable either.

Reading The Male Factor which is depressing, but explains so many things.

Pentatonix have a new video! Yay!

Read the entirity of 40 Days of Dating – two designers, friends with opposite attitudes to relationships conduct an experiment in dating each other, for 40 days. The visuals are gorgeous, and it’s an interesting concept, applying constraints to life and making art out of it, and is also a commentary on modern dating – the pressures we create for ourselves, the fears we have.

This gorgeous hedgehog on Instagram is my new cute obsession. I may actually have to get an Instagram account.

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