Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-08

  • Off to Andorra!!!!! #
  • Arrived! Can't wait to hit the slopes tomorrow! (@ Hotel Princesa Park) #
  • Cool idea! Walkable rollercoasters – /via @dgou #
  • Wow awesome to get back on the slopes again! Thighs burning, feet aching (less so since I bought new boots mid-morning) and sooooo thirsty! #
  • Good advice here – How Designers and Engineers Can Play Nice – /via @snookca #
  • Adorable and sad – "Hi I'm An Engineer" – /via @lccarson #
  • A Lady's Guide to Lying – /via @cshirky #
  • In a random coincidence my ski instructor is from Leicester! So enjoying the break, the mountains and being outside! #
  • Mindblowingly awesome installation, @aranoff you will #
  • More toxifying than detoxifying… Chocolate scrub followed by chocolate wrap at the spa… <3 I smell delicious like a desert. #
  • Ha! What If Male Superheroes Posed Like Wonder Woman – /via @timhwang #
  • Anyone done the racing program @ Chicopee? Nervous to sign up when I haven't even skied at the resort. What level instructors do they have? #
  • Tonight: my first hot stone massage. Utterly blissed out. Skiing + spa-ing, my idea of heaven. Best way to start the new year! #
  • Noooooo too much wind to run lifts can't go skiing :,( #
  • Mountain is closed today, so no skiing. @douglasgresham suggests I go to the spa, but been twice and I'm booked in when I return to kw too! #
  • This is interesting – what deliberate practice feels like – #
  • Pretty! A Hilbert curve – #
  • Sorting pixels in an image by color – #
  • Arrghh I think I need to go to NYC next week. So much for my "travel less in 2012" idea :'( :'( :'( #
  • Amazing last day skiing, my instructor was so great. Going to be a good season! #

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