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I’m pretty confident that 2012 is going to be better than 2011. One of the things that makes me sure of this is that I now have Elite status on Air Canada. Airports, a huge source of misery, are set to be less miserable with access to the lounge (or maybe I’ll just get liquored up there so I notice it less).

But joking aside, during the time in transit to, and from, and in, Europe through much of December and the start of January, I’ve had time to take stock of what I want to be different.

The first week of the year,  I spent skiing in Andorra. It was really nice to get away and have a break. It was nice to be outside, and active. I need more of that in my life! I also took advantage of the hotel spa. Pretty much my ideal vacation.

The big thing – living more intentionally. Being less reactive. Designing my existence such that the things that I want to do don’t get subsumed by obligations.

This year I will travel less. I will do fewer talks. I will go to the spa more often. The new gym opened and it seems like a nice place to spend an evening. I also joined adult racing at the local ski hill and got a season pass.

This year is set to be my last year in Canada. I want to make the most of it – yes – but I also want to enjoy it.

What’s your theme for 2012?


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Theme for 2012: focused-equilibrium.

There’s been a lot of big changes in my life over the past two years (becoming a mom, finishing a dissertation, moving countries, moving jobs). Each change has been positive– but the transitions have made it tricky to pursue long term goals.

I want to continue to enjoy my family and my job each and every day, in a way that feels steady, constant, with the ability to look further down the line towards the bigger goals.

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