Social Networking Twitter Visualization

Part 6: Who’s Talking About The Future of Newspapers?

Continued on from Part 5, exploring what they are saying using the Phrase Net visualization from Many Eyes.

Each image is a link to the applet where you can explore the text and interact with it. Change the linking word on the left – I’ve used space, but “and” or “is” in particular could be enlightening.

I like this visualization because it shows what goes together. The fact that “globe” and “mail” are linked by “and” is perhaps not unexpected, but what does “Google” link to? News? Facebook? Buzz? What do these link to in turn – privacy? Social networking?

Let me know what you find!

Alex Howard
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Alfred Hermida
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Andrew Keen
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Cody Brown
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Dan Gillmor
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Dave Winer
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David Cohn
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David Eaves
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Dr. Mark Drapeau
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Howard Weaver
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Jay Rosen
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JD Lasica
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Jeff Jarvis
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Jennifer Preston
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Kirk LaPointe
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Mark Glaser
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Matthew Ingram
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Steve Buttry
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Steve Outing
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Steve Yelvington
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