blue hair
Credit: flickr / merwing✿little dear

I’ve never had much patience for those girls that reinvent themselves in their boyfriend’s image every relationship. You know, when they’re dating a beer-loving football fan they develop a taste for stella and when they’re dating a cricket lover and wine aficionado it’s all about a nice Beaujolais.

Of course if you’re friends with someone like that, how much you have in common depends on who they’re dating – and that’s kinda weird.

But, post-breakup is a time for reinvention. And so I’ve cut my hair dramatically, bought new clothes, and upped my workouts. Because that’s what you do, isn’t it? And I’ve evaluated what new experiences from my ex I want to keep – no  to Woody Allen movies, for example, but yes to (vegetarian) sushi. And then I’ve started some new ones – 6am bootcamp, Ally McBeal, the Awesome Foundation, my internship.

The biggest change though, comes from the reassessment of my life I made when I realized I was starting to burn out – I have free time. And during it, I ask myself – What does Cate want to do?

It’s wonderful. I recommend it highly.

And so whilst being a little lost, and a little lonely (my ex was my best friend for the entire time we were together, and we’re not currently speaking – it would be weird if I wasn’t lonely) – I’m happier than I’ve been in some time. I come home from work and it’s not the many things I have to get done – it’s the things I want to. And they are not all happening, but that’s OK. I’m giving myself a break – I deserve it.