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Awesome Ottawa – on the Radio!

You know that feeling when you get on a high speed train, or a rollercoaster? There’s a jolt as it starts and to me it feels like my stomach got left behind a little as my body moved forwards.

That’s kinda what’s been happening with Awesome Ottawa lately. I talked to a friend, mentioned it at Team Camp, wrote a blog post, spoke to Tim (behind the original AF Boston), wrote another blog post, and now we’re here – 10 trustees, a dean of awesome, and our first grant.


In fact, I was even on the radio… it was very exciting. Check out the clip below:

Cate talking about Awesome Ottawa on CBC May 12th 2010 by kittenthebad

I thought it would take a while to get going, but people have really bought in to this idea of making Ottawa more awesome and I’m so grateful to be part of it. Do you have an idea to make Ottawa more awesome? Apply on our website!

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