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CCWESTT Conference

Credit: flickr / tankgirlrs is Back!

Among the (many) reasons I haven’t been blogging lately, is the conference I attended at the weekend – CCWESTT, which stands for Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology.

It was great – amazing speakers, enlightening talks, and the chance to spend time with some of the other execs from WISE.

I left, exhausted – it had been a long week even prior to the conference – but feeling inspired by and immensely grateful to all the women that paved the way so that I have such an easy time of it by comparison, today.

It is not always that easy, being one of few women, but I cannot imagine how much harder it must have been to be the only woman. People have doubted my abilities, but no-one has ever come out and said to me that I couldn’t code because I was a girl.

Our generation is so fortunate, and we should recognize that.

Starting my internship, the launch of the Awesome Foundation and 6am bootcamp have reduced my blogging, but normal service will resume soon I hope. Apologies!