Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-17

  • First day of internship. Parking and hair disasterous! Eep! #
  • I should not still be awake. Breakup drama. Tears. Really don't need that this week :,( #
  • Just gave our first grant for @awesomeottawa!!!!! #
  • I'm going to be on CBC radio at 3:10 talking about @awesomeottawa!!!!! #
  • At CBC waiting to be collected! Wish I knew what show I was going to be on! Eeep! #
  • I'll be talking to Alan Neal on 91.5fm at 3:10! #
  • Turn your radio on!!! #
  • Registered for another bootcamp, starts 6am Monday. Oh and I signed a waiver for death too. Not worrying at all, that. #
  • I am zonked. Been a crazy week! client meeting this morning, lunch with mentors, flight to Winnipeg tonight! Eeep! #
  • Back in airport – only 9 days since my last trip. Why have I been hankering for the nomad life lately? Too much packing, too many airports. #
  • Love this! "A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages" /via @jcbatista #
  • 8 websites you need to stop building: /via @auricom @kevinbhookun #
  • Made it to Toronto where the weather is bonkers. Should make it to Winnipeg eventually… So tired! Zzzzz! #
  • Stunning! LED Flowers Bloom When It Gets Dark /via @jeffreyftang #
  • Funny! New programming jargon: /via @laserdeathstehr #
  • Finally, Winnipeg! #
  • So far I've poured coffee into my tea twice. Once regular, once decaff. #
  • #ccwest conference: 30% women in scince, engineering – it could change the world. #
  • Next up – presenting your great idea in 5 minutes – excellent prep for extreme blue! #ccwest #
  • Presentation on project management is getting off to a cracking start – presenter is not here! Escaped essential skills, seemed dull. #
  • Presenter was a no show and the guy literally started reading her slides out – seriously? #fail #
  • My friend is stuck in an escalator. What to do? #
  • Oooh firemen! #
  • We managed to free my friend from the escalator without firemen btw, her clothing was stuck. Thanks @jocakern @pinemud @douglasgresham in reply to jocakern #
  • Listening to amazing talk from the first woman at IBM Winnipeg – so greatful for how far things have come, about 1/3 girls in extreme blue!! #
  • We have to support each other and make things happen! #ccwest #
  • Our waiter is just so adorable. I want him for a pet! Yes I have had a little wine… #
  • Sooo sleepy from conf and I have a 6am bootcamp tomorrow. Eeep! I am a person who gets up at dawn to exercise. Repeat until I beleive it!! #

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