Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-24

  • The hardest part of bootcamp is getting out of bed and makig it to the park! Really nice to work out in the early morning sunshine! πŸ™‚ #
  • Feeling completely out of my depth but kinda loving it – we have tons of support and this is how you grow, right? #
  • Earlier I spritzed perfume in hair and couldn't work out which shoe went on which foot. Hopefully I'll have it together for client meeting! #
  • Need to make an mp3 file smaller, or find somewhere else to upload it – can anyone help? /cc @pinemud #
  • I confess I sneaked a peek early at the submissions for @awesomeottawa. So excited! Have an awesome idea? Get to !!! #
  • Noooo it shouldn't rain on a long weekend! Got big plans for rollerblading and aerial experience! #
  • Mouse, keyboard and monitor working with laptop. Shouldn't be an acheivement, but on windows – it is! #
  • Supposed to be meeting someone uh, now, and have no clue what they look like. Do I approach the random guy? #
  • So i think the interview went okay… Bit nervous to see what he writes! #
  • Who knew, I didn't log into FB for over a week and I actually missed something important! #
  • Waiting for remote presentations that rock with @sachac to start! Looking forward to it! She's wearig a cool hat πŸ™‚ #
  • Piece on me and @awesomeottawa is up and it's kinda bitchy – the guy is such a cynic and can't believe that there's not a dark motive πŸ™ #
  • Urgh early morning. Bootcamp. This is the hardest part πŸ™ still irritated by article, why talk to me if he'd made up his mind? #
  • Have broken computer again. Bad windows, very bad. #
  • #ff @krusk 'cos she's a pr guru who took the time to reassure me about the bitchy journo this morning. Thanks Kelly! #
  • My interview with unfolding about @awesomeottawa, not that balanced but lovely comment from @krusk #
  • New reason never to cohabit – once they've gone you may find yourself unable to work your own printer. Stupid printer. Grrr. #
  • Noooooo kickboxing I closed for the long weekend. Was really looking forward to it! ;-( #
  • Wobbly start rollerblading but went my furthest yet! Yay! #
  • Having a fun arvo with my buddy now he's finally shot of his obnoxious gf… Who has been celebrating breakup on Twitter. Charming! #
  • Oh milkshake you delicious beautiful poisonous thing… #

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