Week in Brief

Bit behind this week, which did not exactly go to plan…

I meant to:

  • Ski instructing (last time I think – the snow is ending).
  • Finish assignment – made progress but got stuck sue to issues with the setup and general confusion with Schrodinger’s Table.
  • Workshop – content.
  • Workshop – decide what frameworks need coding.
  • Read 5 papers.
  • See physio about shoulder.
  • Work out 5 times.
  • Continue with no email before MIT – only thing is, what about on days when I have no MIT? Probably should not check email at all.


  • Went to Kanata to have lunch with a friend (and coffee with another).
  • Had lunch with two friends from another dept
  • Helped my office mate with paper
  • Reviewed the next assignment for the prof
  • Starting marking the 3rd assignment
  • Pitched something at Teamcamp (details coming on Tuesday)


  • Finished marking
  • BBQ with friends
  • Returned ski jacket – season is over at Edelweiss :'(
  • Sushi lunch with friends
  • Tried out the new Wii Fit Plus (it’s pretty cool! More fun games)

This week:

  • Finish assignment
  • Workshop – content
  • Workshop – decide what frameworks need coding.
  • Work-out 5 times
  • Read 9 papers
  • Send off yet another form for internship
  • Sort out international tuition waiver
  • Deal with insurance!
  • Finish reading XP: Explained

I’m also going to try not posting at the weekends, and change my weekly review so the weekend is separate – hopefully full of fun things! I want to plan a little less.