Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-22

  • I'm a little late to Monday… Morning all! #
  • Wooo we have funding for a WISE conference and I've been very kindly told I can take the day off from internship! Yay! #
  • Why Nerds are unpopular, or why high-school is unnatural and like prison – /via @tgrevatt @ToughLoveforX @dmlComp #
  • Great insight into privacy and the #buzz debacle as always – worth reading from @zephoria #
  • Cate vs. DBUnit + Derby – round one. #
  • Thinking about flow and deliberate practice – #
  • This database nonsense is kicking my ass. Simultaneously getting errors saying a table does, and does not exist. Gah! #
  • Still being tormented by Schrödinger's table. I think I've proved it exists, but then why can't I delete it? *sobs* #
  • Great quotes about the necessity of failing in order to succeed – #
  • I'm going to have to work out this tax nonsense. Between my scholarship getting cut and seemingly the tax man, I'm not doing great. #
  • Love this – read and take note! 10 Pieces of Advice that I Should Have Given Myself in My Twenties.
    /via @pixie658 #
  • This is terrifying – baby preachers! /via @jeffparks #
  • My friend @douglasgresham and I are experimenting with co-posting. It's been a fun evening! See the results Friday 🙂 #
  • What is the deal with this crazy lady saying blogging is for guys? I bet when her dead tree press job ends she'll change her mind. #
  • Been thinking about pitch for teamcamp! Eep! Bit nervous! #
  • I think my pitch went well… Expect more news on tuesday! It's exciting! #
  • Abandoning this weeks list and marking whilst watching Did You Hear About the Morgans. Hope your Friday arvo is more fun! #
  • We're having a BBQ tomorrow night, 6pm! DM me for deets if you want to come! #
  • I hate it when students code doesn't compile. Grrr! (Yes I'm marking. Yes I'm despairing about the future of Software Eng.) #
  • Incredibly depressing to be marking an assignment where I'm sure I'm expending more time and energy marking than they did to write it. #
  • We're having a BBQ tonight at 6! If you want to come, DM me for address/phone number/etc 🙂 #
  • I'm a little concerned that whenever I give @ckdarby any information he says he feels like a stalker. Would you be worried? 😉 #
  • There's a religious nymphomaniac ex stripper in my apartment. Which is pretty much as weird as you'd imagine. #
  • Found religious nympho stripper-turned-housewife was not as entertaining as would have hoped. Self-obsessed and tedious. Boys don't agree… #
  • I think Americans are about to have healthcare! WOW! Welcome to 2010 and congrats on your new+improved social conscience America! #

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