Networking Reflections

Being Nice

kicking in the head
Credit: flickr / Spencer Finnley

I’ve been thinking about being likable lately, because things seem to keep coming back to kick me in the head. Am I doing it wrong? Trying too hard? Not trying the right things? Not trying the right people? Over thinking all this?

And then, well, I just offered to do a favor for a friend, E. Which arranged things so that I could have lunch with another friend, who I haven’t seen lately as his girlfriend is as mad as a bag of cats and won’t allow him to hang out with me (yes, one of those – I think all girls in comp sci have this story), so it was really good to see him. Then I introduced E to another friend who I knew she would get along with, and find really helpful.

And then I remembered why I like being nice. Because I could tell that E was really happy. And that makes me happy, that I could facilitate that.

So I’m over thinking. It’s not about thinking, it’s about doing.

What can you do for someone in your life that will make their day a little brighter?

Go and do it, today.