Week in Brief

For this week:

  • Finish reading Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity (Amazon)
  • Go x-country skiing – wiped out several times and had to be hauled off the ground… but Treena assured me I didn’t suck too badly!
  • Make a start on giant pile of paperswould have liked to have made bigger inroads, but made a start at least.
  • Investigate potential courses for this semester – narrowed it down to a choice of two.
  • WISE meeting – really happy, other people took on lots of stuff and are taking responsibility for our upcoming events.
  • Meet with supervisor – came up with a road-map of what should happen this semester
  • Go kickboxing – kinda hilarious, trainer came up behind me to say hello whilst I was doing snap kicks, I screamed and fell over! Reaction time still sharp, need to work on reaction itself, though.
  • Sort out transport situationbought a car!


  • Meeting RE coordinator position, have a presentation to work on for some Science teachers and a programming workshop for 16/17 year olds to write a proposal for.
  • Conference call with CU:WISE and IBM, we have something really great planned for the end of this month, and WISE’s funding woes are about to be stemmed – yay!
  • Processing Jam! Was awesome.
  • Went climbing
  • Read The Power of Less (Amazon)
  • Completed my seminar requirement at uOttawa, just 3 more at Carleton to go (yay! I hate seminar).
  • Managed not to work after dinner, apart from tonight. Although I didn’t eat dinner so maybe it doesn’t count? 🙂

All in all it’s been a pretty good week, mostly running around sorting stuff out rather than achieving stuff, but I guess that’s typical for the first week back. The bad news has been that my scholarship is being reduced, which I’m a bit upset about, but I have a TA at least. And after trying for ages to get hold of SASS so to organize a talk on Time Management we’ve had to give up, as they never seem to be there. I feel this renders them unqualified to talk about time management, but maybe I’m just annoyed about how much time we’ve spent trying to arrange this to no avail!

For next week:

  • Exchange drivers license for Ontario one.
  • Sort out insurance.
  • Collect car.
  • Finish incorporating papers into thesis.
  • Embed applets.
  • Decide which course to take.
  • Go kickboxing twice.
  • Fill out forms for ski instructor job.
  • Schedule another Processing workshop.
  • Find replacement for SASS.
  • Deal with medical insurance.
  • Code more on installation, finish data-structures if possible.
  • Create outline for Science teacher talk.
  • Create slides for 15 Tools and Tips.
  • Resume.

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