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I Love Love Love Being a Girl

I’ve been in a couple of situations recently where I felt I had to apologize for, or justify my emotions. I contend that’s unfair – I don’t make decisions as a result of my emotions, but I do react emotionally to events. I cry – at the news, at movies, books, at TV shows. I […]


Closing Doors, Opening Windows

Graduating is another word for ending. The ending of your time at university, and the commitments associated with. It’s also another word for beginning – the beginning of your next adventure, your next challenge. The next chapter of your life. On Wednesday, I had to go to Kanata to fill in some paperwork for my […]

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Do We Need To Be Jerks?

From “A Rant About Women” by the awesome Clay Shirky (emphasis mine). And it looks to me like women in general, and the women whose educations I am responsible for in particular, are often lousy at those kinds of behaviors, even when the situation calls for it. They aren’t just bad at behaving like arrogant […]

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Of Snap Judgments and Sexism

Fascinating post today in CopyBlogger – Why James Chartrand Wears Women’s Underpants. It’s a female writer outing herself; she’s been writing under a male pseudonym for the last three years. She’d tried under her real name, but started working under a second name because she didn’t want her own name to be associated with a […]

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Girl Geek Dinner

Last night I went to my first Girl Geek Dinner. It was awesome. I don’t think I’d even realized how male-dominated my existence was, until I was in a room full of women (and maybe 2 guys). Yes, there was some talk of handbags, but everyone seemed interested in everyone else, there was so much […]


Unlikely Source

I was reading a paper today, about mashups. It’s fairly interesting, and you can find it here (you’ll need an ACM account, sadly). It explores how end users feel about mashups. What kind of value do they see in them and would they create them if they had the knowledge? I read something a long […]