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Should all women aspire to be entrepreneurs? In OSBR

from Mary Oliver's "The Summer Day"
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My article is out in the OSBR, in the issue on women and leadership. I was trying to make a point about how we should take a broader view of what leadership is, and be supportive of quieter forms of leadership, as well as talking about why I personally don’t want to be an entrepreneur.

The word “entrepreneur” comes from the French word entreprendre, meaning “to undertake”. While all women should aspire to be someone who “undertakes”, they should not all aspire to be someone who creates and runs a company. Not every woman’s skills, interests, and ambitions are well suited to this task.

Read the rest of it here. As ever, feedback welcome!

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Dude, love this article.

Love it – leadership by filling in the gaps.

A good few years ago, my dad was having a tough time. So I walked him through something very similar – the idea of being a hero by doing lots of small things. (I mentioned him before – he tends to be a hero through bigger measures).

Anyway, he tried it, and it made him feel very good, in a grounded sort of way. And so when I sent him a link to the superhero post recently, he reminded me of that – the amazing power in doing small things.


Forgive the overuse of superlatives last night – blogging after an afternoon of wine tasting in Sonoma and talking to my daughter like the turtles in finding Nemo. Vacation.

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