Co-Active: Synergy

The last course in my coach training journey – for now – was Synergy. This follows Fundamentals, Fulfillment, Balance, and Process.

The final course, this tied everything together. We learned about the attributes of a coach (fierce courage, aliveness, and connection), worked on range (including silent coaching!) and the idea of “stories”.

Going into it, I was focused on the finish line – this has been a significant undertaking, and I was excited to be “done”. The intention I set for the course was to stay present and “enjoy the last mile”. Mixed success here, 4.5 hours is a long time to be on Zoom, but at the end I felt somewhat bereft. Each course has created a small community, and this was the last one.

It has been quite a journey. I took fundamentals at the end of 2020, after wanting to take it since 2018-19. Spacing out the courses meant that most of my previous classmates had left me behind, although it was nice to reconnect from someone from Process and even another person who had been in my Fulfillment group! Most people get through the courses more quickly, but I’ve been glad to give things space. It makes each one very distinct for me, and that’s helped cement my understanding of the tools that get introduced each time.

I’m glad I chose to make time for it all, I got much more out of it overall than I was anticipating. It has fundamentally changed my thinking and how I approach things. Beyond the impact on me, it’s spread to my team. Four of my teammates have now taken Fundamentals! It’s been fascinating to see what they got out of it, and the overall impact on the team.

As for what’s next, despite the certificate, this still feels like very much the beginning. I continue to bring this mindset to my day job (where useful/appropriate) and the handful of external clients I work with. I continue to stay in touch with some of my classmates, which I love. Beyond that, I’m debating whether (and when) to go through the certification process, and other options for continued learning, but likely nothing more in 2022 as I want to focus on other things for a while.

So much gratitude to everyone who has supported me in this adventure.