Co-Active: Synergy

The last course in my coach training journey – for now – was Synergy. This follows Fundamentals, Fulfillment, Balance, and Process. The final course, this tied everything together. We learned about the attributes of a coach (fierce courage, aliveness, and connection), worked on range (including silent coaching!) and the idea of “stories”. Going into it, […]

mobile Programming

Further Adventures in Android Development

I suspect one of my limitations as a programmer is that I don’t hack. I don’t beat away at something until it works. I read things, and I reason about it, and I write a lot of tests. This makes me very effective on platforms I’m familiar with, but I worry I’m as a result […]

Career life Organization

Achieving the Quasi-Possible, Just About On Time

This Thursday, it will be two months since I arrived in Sydney. I came to work on a specific project, and that project came with a pretty ambitious deadline. I don’t know if anyone, including the person who thought this deadline up, really believed we would make it. But we did, just about. We as a team, […]

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Sharing Lessons From Stories We Can’t Tell

Last week, I wrote that things have been a little bonkers lately. I have not spent seven days straight in Ottawa since the start of August and I’m stressed, discombobulated, and overwhelmed. Normally, I figure things about by writing about them. Lots of work on? How can I be more organized/better at delegating/manage my time most […]

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On Leadership

They call Extreme Blue a leadership development program. I didn’t get it at first, but by the end I did. I also started to see why I had been picked out as someone “showing leadership” – though I have so far to go there. It’s around that time of year when I re-read 7 Habits […]

Education Presentation Reflections

Graduate School

I went back to school because I didn’t think I knew enough to go and join the real world, yet. Then I got to graduate school, and realized it wasn’t the place to learn it. I’m not a better programmer than I was before I came. I know a little more about some things, but […]