Book: The Anatomy of Peace

anatomy_of_peace.jpgLast year I re-read Leadership and Self-Deception, so this year I decided it was time to re-read the sequel – The Anatomy of Peace (actually set before Leadership and Self-Deception). I read these books for the first time a long time ago… in 2010? My manager at IBM recommended them. I internalized the lessons and think about them a lot – but sometimes it’s helpful to refer back to the original for a refresher.

The way Leadership and Self-Deception explains things is a better way to have a conversation at work about these concepts. The Anatomy of Peace takes you more into your own behavior and inner world to consider where you are living them – and where you are falling short. I found it helpful, and I really recommend both of them – although I would definitely start with Leadership and Self-Deception over the Anatomy of Peace. I think leaving six months to a year between reading them is also good – gives you time to internalize and live with things a bit before revisiting.