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Tiny Raccoon made 2 new friends at #ORDCamp #monsterseverywhere
Tiny Raccoon made 2 new friends at #ORDCamp #monsterseverywhere


Exhausting. Amazing. So many people I adore. So many people full stop. NYC friends, and caught up with a bunch of people in Chicago at ORDCamp. So ready for some alone time.


Intense week but I made it out the other side. My boss is awesome, I am so happy I work for him.


Stayed at the Wydham in both NYC and Chicago (nice).

In NYC: breakfast at Balthazar (disappointingly, no hilarious WASPs this time), The Smile and Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, sushi at Momoya (amazing), and Thai at Sticky Rice (tasty), Café China (great, I think there were nuts in it though), also went to Tortaria which was good.

Chicago: went to The Original Pancake House (amazing), and Wow Bao.


Reading One Strategy.


A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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