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Creative Solitude

Danbo Phelps
Credit: Flickr / Andrés Nieto Porras

Before I  left for South America I kept being asked “aren’t you going to be lonely” like loneliness is some terrible thing to be avoided at all costs.

Since I’ve been here, people have been commenting “you seem to be very productive” and it’s true. I have been.

I say, “I’m embracing a kind of creative solitude.”

And yeah, definitely at times it’s been lonely. And overwhelming. I’ve gone and eaten pizza (I almost never eat pizza) because it’s easy. I’ve cried, once. I’ve taken out the Xanax… but managed not to swallow it.

I see loneliness as a normal part of being human, and I think sometimes it’s healthy to embrace it. Fearing it keeps us in bad relationships (friends, roommates, lovers).

So yeah it’s been a little lonely. But quite creative. And very productive. And actually… I’m pretty content.

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