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One of those weeks where I think about the phrase “you can have it all… just not at the same time.” Maybe you can’t even have it all that close together.

I’m finding this time in South America really useful – I feel far away from tech industry bullshit, but I’m in a convenient timezone to work with people in the US. It’s definitely a bit lonely at times but in a way that I think is – mostly – good for me. Although this weekend I really wish I was in the same place as a girlfriend!


Feel like a lot of things came together this week. I launched my iOS unit testing workshop, and sent out an alpha version of Show and Hide on Android. Also did some planning of other long-term projects, and some other stuff I can’t talk about yet.

One project I’m working on involves trying to get this large messy codebase under control. It’s a bit overwhelming but I feel like I am making some progress. I have been meaning to read Working Effectively with Legacy Code (Amazon) for a while so maybe this will finally get me to do that! Starting with simple things like file structure because OMG not everything should live in the home directory, and easy-to-fix warnings.

We did our biggest ever Technically Speaking webinar yet! And were plagued by technical problems.


Watching Gossip Girl – got way back into it, possibly too much so. Reading Professional Android 4 Application Development. Finished Pillow Talk, read The Woman Who Fell in Love for a Week (funny), reading Secrets.

Product links Amazon.


A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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