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Lots of gym time, hung out with some new people, met up with people again. My parents came to visit. Good, bit hectic and I’ve not been sleeping that well. Also, another Jawbone UP band appears to be dead.

All my flights are booked and I am scheduled through March 20th. Still not sure where I’m going after that, though!


Mostly working on Android this week, managed to get it working end to end on the Android emulator which was pretty exciting. Next I need to run it on device / larger images and start looking at performance problems. And the UI is pretty rough so I need to work on making that better. Also stuff like setting up unit test coverage, adding mocking framework etc.

Working on my Unit Testing workshop. Exciting!

We did our first Technically Speaking webinar and it seemed to go pretty well! We got some nice comments at least, and I put together a storify.


Breakfast at Roamers, as usual (love that place) and the Croissanterie. Lunch at Nest (I like their sandwiches), Tabibito and Klipper (a boat!). Dinner at Kokolores, Chan, Juliani (very heavy), Manouche (crepes!) Reisschale.

Went to the abandoned theme park in Treptower Park which is heavily fenced off so wasn’t quite as cool as I imagined. But it was still pretty cool! The abandoned ferris wheel is still turning (from the wind) which is eerie. Was a lovely walk as well by the river, and through the Soviet war memorial.

Also went out to Kromlau to see this famous bridge, which isn’t really a bridge because you can’t walk over it. We got a bit lost, but when we eventually found it, it was pretty. The water was frozen though, so we couldn’t get take the pictures it is famous for – of the circle with the bridge and it’s reflection. It was nice to see some of the countryside outside of Berlin though.


Finished Girls Season 2, and now watching Drop Dead Diva Season 5 which I am loving. Absolutely my favourite TV show. As a bonus, it’s motivating me to spend more time in the gym.

Finished The Black Swan (finally, hated that book). Novels: finished Suddenly Single (meh), and Cat, now reading Fen.

Went to the Museum Der Dinge which showcases German design in the 20th century, it was pretty cool.


A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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