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Left Bucharest, feeling like I still have stuff to see though which is cool because it looks like I’ll be back in July. Really liked my first AirBnB experience, so may there be many more! Had <24 hours in the UK (just enough time to trade my broken jawbone for a new one) and set off for Dubai for the weekend (miles run to ensure I make status in 2015). I’m mostly taking a break in Dubai and enjoying the sunshine! Was a bit random, only decided to go at the start of the week. But – my favourite iced tea shop! Skiing! Sunshine! Wish I had more time though, I feel a bit rushed – I have to get back to catch a flight to Berlin on Wednesday.

Finally heard back on things I was waiting on for January. I didn’t get into something which makes the wait more annoying! But I think it’s for the best – I have a lot of other stuff to do. So the plan is to be based in Berlin January – March. Exciting!


Got the major optimisation I needed done (yay!), and was going through the app store submission process (which you now need for test flight) and ran into some missing images, but UX designer sent them over so once I’ve stopped flitting around hopefully we will be good to go!

Experimenting with analytics – we’re using Flurry. It’s cool being able to look at what is out there rather than going with the Company Thing. I need to look at i18n, which will also be interesting as an independent, and check the accessibility of the app.

Finally sorting out stuff like: website, registering twitter handle, etc etc. Basically being a PM which is way more time consuming than I thought!


Watching My Family Season 1, actually reading The Black Swan now.

Novels, approaching the end of my Heyer kick which I look forward to! These Old Shades, Devil’s Cub, Regency Buck, An Infamous Army, The Toll Gate, started on The Unknown Ajax.


A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

Karen and I have an article in the Daily Beast: Tech’s Male ‘Feminists’ Aren’t Helping.

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