Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-26

  • #MooreandMe Four Days Outside the Tower. I’m Scared. I’m Tired. I’m Crying. And I Won’t Stop. /via @cshirky #
  • Have breakdown on IM to my superhuman friend, she says, "It's reassuring that you're human". We all think other people cope better I guess. #
  • I like this – find the impostor shaped hole that you can fill – #
  • Beautiful picture by Anton Tang – Puffy Plant – make a wish! – #
  • Urgh final paper edits are the pits. In fact whole publication process seems bonkers. It's all online anyway, and the pictures are better. #
  • Prayer good, but having an imaginary friend bad. I guess there's some differentiator that I'm missing! /via @fosslc #
  • Mysterious vertical lines are appearing on the side of my document. Also, discovered that the formatting guideline page won't work on mac. #
  • Who knew my own personal hell featured crappy formatting guidelines that don't work on the mac and having to buy office 2011? #fml #
  • OK I get it, they think I should use LaTex or windows. Duly judged. Should have a warning, "we will make your life miserable if you don't". #
  • Arrrghh msft office 2011 installed a bunch of other crap that I didn't want. And it's not clear how to make it not do that. #
  • Ha, third time lucky. Urgh msft. I feel dirty. #
  • OK third time not lucky. And this hasn't fixed the problem I bought it to fix. Plan b is curl up in the snow and wake up in the new year. #
  • OK nervous breakdown averted, I think my paper is ready to submit. Sorry for the angsting! #
  • Yay paper is submitted. I'm definitely giving myself tomorrow off. And today. Once I wake up. #
  • This is cool! Crayons carved into the 12 symbols of the Chinese zodiac. /via @postsecret @boingboing #
  • If yoga was really this fun, I would go more often! Amusing vid though – /via @jenny_blake #
  • .@Douglasgresham is driving my smart car and I'm en route to get an MRI with injection. Soooooo nervous about all of the above. #
  • Finally got email with orientation details! California here I come! #
  • On way to Scotland. Don't believe an early morning and long drive when sick the best thing for a relationship. Already annoyed at each other #
  • In Scotland, and they've run out of grit. Fun times. Luckily I took night nurse and discovered it really works! Slept all the way here. #
  • Suggestion for surviving a zombie apocalypse – surround house with treadmills facing outwards. Genius. /cc @melle #
  • Everyone seems quite excited for today. I get to open the gifts my mother "found lying around the house". Intriguing. #
  • This hilarious video is @douglasgresham's brother stuck in a giant snowball! So funny! #

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