Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-19

  • Client meeting this afternoon and yes my laptop does seem to be broken. Again. #
  • Fascinating – the "peak-end effect" – How real are your memories? #
  • Awesome! Bicycle Rendered Useless By Knitting Gang /via @dgou @datawench @skry #
  • This is kinda charming – in the digital age, meeting people with a personal touch – /via @springwise @sidneyeve #
  • Creativity Crisis: "contentment is a kind of complacency creative people rarely have" – /via @tseelig @@SteveCase #
  • Can't wait for @AwesomeOttawa Award Ceremony #2 -Fri Jul 16, 18:00 Reply: @twegather #awesomeottawa Yes/No/Maybe #
  • OK I think I'm happy with my blog now – it's had a complete overhaul! Thanks to @digitizedchris for the awesome banner! #
  • This is pretty awesome for checking out your twitter stats – /via @eric_andersen #
  • MSFT is extending xp downgrade rights to 2020 – that is ridiculous. Will this OS never die?! #
  • Culture fit vs skill fit in recruitment – /via @mypromotion @nationalpost #
  • So happy! Computer hasn't crashed today, breakthrough at work, @douglasgresham is coming back to Ottawa and great feedback from #ggdottawa #
  • Myth #21 People can tell you what they want – /via @jliyi #
  • Old, but beautifully written and thought-provoking – "the terrible bargain we have regretfully struck" – #
  • I wonder is data scientist is what I've been training myself for lately? Sounds awesome, anyway – #
  • Hilarious – An Apple user's jeans are 33% tighter than a PC user's- huge problem! – /by @ryantomorrow /via @ElleLaMode #
  • Love this! the big lies people tell in online dating – #
  • Disasterous morning but despite getting in late I've already killed my MOst Important Task and in a much more efficient way than planned! #
  • Great advice on presenting in your second language from The Eloquent Woman – #
  • "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You broke my tests. Prepare to die!" #tdd #agilemoviequotes /via @dgou @jbrains @asplake #
  • Me: "I don't understand why she didn't realize I was distressed about white text on black"
    Teammate: "We rarely know what's distressing you" #
  • Does Everybody You Know Agree With You? Being more creative means breaking habitual thought patterns. #
  • Stunning Origami Paper Art! #origami /via @dgou @vanyc @Beckyspring #
  • Awesome – technology in fashion and product design! Most influential woman in tech Alison Lewis – /via @sidneyeve @aaker #
  • Guess gender using javascript to access browsing history, is 55% sure I'm a bloke! LOL – /via @FSecure @eric_andersen #
  • OK I have tea, soda, carbs, raisins, water, a 380 page PDF and something new and exciting to work on! Bring it! I'm ready! #
  • I feel like I've seen Star Wars now – improv on the tube, awesome! /via @davidsinger #
  • Hilarious and insightful – rebranding the potato – perceived value vs real value – /via @KRMacNeill @eric_andersen #
  • This week is working out to be pretty AWESOME! So excited! #
  • Isn't life wonderful? #
  • Award ceremony for @awesomeottawa tonight! 6pm @thecodefactory #
  • I feel like python is the answer. The alternative is too much like VB. #
  • How do you blog your engagement if you're a data geek? Like this – awesome – #
  • Just gave our second award for @awesomeottawa !!! Cannot describe how excited I am about this project! #

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