Week in Brief

From last week:

  • Forms and visa application – nearly done, just need to scan passport and submit.
  • Finish Assignment 1 for Testing course.
  • Read 5 papers.
  • Work out 4 times. – not hard workouts, as I’ve injured my shoulder, but that’s okay – need to keep active.
  • Ski instructing.
  • Marking.
  • WISE event at Carleton – couldn’t make it.
  • Outline project paper for Testing course.
  • Last seminar at Carleton.
  • Write code for new idea.

Marking and the assignment took a little longer than I’d hoped. I’ve been thinking about the project and the idea though, and I know where I’m going with both of them.


  • Finished reading Effective Java
  • Went to the Girl Geek Dinner – was awesome 🙂
  • Quit Facebook.

For next week:

  • Submit Visa application.
  • Workout 5 times (taking a looser definition of workout, just some time on the cross trainer or swimming is OK).
  • Try running again.
  • Ski instructing.
  • Write test cases for next assignment.
  • Read 5 papers.
  • Work on new idea.
  • WISE event.
  • No email before progress on MIT (most important task).