A Random Collection of Cool / Useful Things I Found on the Internet

In the last couple of days, I’ve found a bunch of things that are really cool, so I’m going to collect them here, in no particular order. Incidentally, I found all of them via Twitter. Information gathering ftw!

Awesome pictures of Mars in the Huffington Post. Honestly, I don’t get too excited about space stuff typically (there’s enough going on here on Earth to keep me happy) but these pictures are beautiful. Who knew Mars was so colorful?

Gotta Have IT from NCWIT (the National Center for Women & Information Technology) – text from the site, “Gotta Have IT is an all-in-one computing resource kit designed with educators’ needs in mind. A select set of high-quality posters, computing and careers information, digital media and more, the resource kit builds awareness and inspires interest in computing. Gotta Have IT is for all students, but is especially inclusive of girls.” If you’re an educator, great resource.

How To Be A Woman in a Man’s World – another interesting perspective on Clay Shirky’s “A Rant About Women” (I blogged about that here), great quote, “I think we’re seeing a shift in the values we find commendable in society, and it’s not about men or women being better. It’s about being co-designers of a healthy, equitable society.”. She also linked to an interesting article in The Economist.

The 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures – this is awesome. More analysis from OK Cupids extensive data set, and it’s kinda surprising!

Internet 2009 in Numbers – comprehensive stats for the web, including number of emails sent. – shopping for household supplies is tedious and the kind of thing you always forget at the store, and really, why not do it online? Alice helps you take care of it. If I lived in the US, I would probably never buy household supplies at the grocery store again.

Volunteer Match – full of volunteer opportunities, including those that can be done remotely. Great way to build your work experience!