Organization Reflections

Manic Monday

I’ve wasted a chunk of the afternoon having a bit of a panic attack. This morning I had physio on my knee, followed by an hour of time hanging out in SITE waiting to meet with the guy who’s course I’m TA-ing (I read some of the 60 page book chapter I’m carrying about with me at the moment). After which it was lunch time, and I gave myself some time to go to my favorite sushi place and start thinking in English again.

WISE has 3 events coming up this week. I need to be at all of them. Plus I have a scholarship – which means I need to make significant progress on my thesis, every week. I also have an algorithms course (I’m so over theoretical computer science, but have to meet the requirements for my MSc) and I’m TA-ing. In French. Starting tomorrow – but I still don’t know what time, or where. Plus I’m spending about 3 hours a week in physio and have to go and get a brace for my knee and x-rays. It’s all causing me to feel a little “arrrrgghh!”. Of course panicking about it doesn’t get any of it closer to being done.

I read Sacha Chua‘s blog, she writes about web 2.0 so it’s interesting from the perspective of my thesis. It’s also interesting from a personal perspective as she also seems to be another woman in technology, juggling a lot of stuff. I’ve noticed her posting her goals for the week and whether or not she achieved the last week’s goals (and why). I think in the spirit of 43 things – putting your goals in public makes you work harder to achieve them.

So here, in no particular order, are my goals for this week. Note – these are all fairly high level, I’m not going to include the smaller tasks that occur on “The List” every day, or the small but numerous things I need to take care of to keep WISE running on a day to day basis.

  • WISE Speaker event
  • WISE Coffee social (bake!)
  • WISE Self-defense seminar
  • Organize meeting for WISE, outline the plan for Women in Academia event
  • TA in French, don’t meltdown
  • Incorporate giant pile of papers into Introduction
  • Polish introduction such that I can send it to my supervisors
  • Finish reading Presentation Zen
  • Finish reading 60 page chapter
  • Read 4 more papers from “the pile”
  • Fix CSS on portfolio website
  • Finish CRM blogpost (already done!)
  • One other blogpost from “the list”

Wish me luck!