Extreme Blue job hunting

Career Planning

The other week I had a phone interview for what I thought was my dream job. In the days before, I realized that was the kind of thing I’d been doing. And then, I waited. Meanwhile, work was going so-so. My computer broke – again – so I lost a day and a half on […]



Post-breakup, I took stock of what I was doing and decided I needed a break. I spent days in my pajamas and stopped running about. One of the things I gave myself, was the 5 season Ally McBeal: The Complete Series boxset. I set myself a rule that between each episode I had to do […]

Awesome Foundation

You May Say I’m a Dreamer…

Recently, I read something that said (I’m paraphrasing): The surest way to mediocrity is trying to be liked by everyone. Shortly after, I met the conspiracy theorist Mike Levin, of Unfolding Magazine to talk about Awesome Ottawa, you can read the article here. I didn’t really like the article, but I’m trying to embrace the […]

Facebook Social Networking Usability

I’m Back on Facebook, but I Still Hate It

After some time without Facebook, I’ve become quite happy without it. However, it’s my birthday next week and I’m headed to Seattle for the weekend and later on next week, we’re planning a party for the Awesome Foundation (which is GO – we have 10 trustees and a project, I’m so excited – expect more […]

inspiration Reflections WISE

I Love Love Love Being a Girl

I’ve been in a couple of situations recently where I felt I had to apologize for, or justify my emotions. I contend that’s unfair – I don’t make decisions as a result of my emotions, but I do react emotionally to events. I cry – at the news, at movies, books, at TV shows. I […]

Networking Reflections

Being Nice

I’ve been thinking about being likable lately, because things seem to keep coming back to kick me in the head. Am I doing it wrong? Trying too hard? Not trying the right things? Not trying the right people? Over thinking all this? And then, well, I just offered to do a favor for a friend, […]


Closing Doors, Opening Windows

Graduating is another word for ending. The ending of your time at university, and the commitments associated with. It’s also another word for beginning – the beginning of your next adventure, your next challenge. The next chapter of your life. On Wednesday, I had to go to Kanata to fill in some paperwork for my […]

Reflections Skiing

Saying No

I’m terrible at this. It’s my biggest weakness, but also – the source of so many experiences and opportunities. So I can’t embrace saying no fully for fear of missing out. But certain things lately have made me think that I need to say no more. Like, crossing campus on a hectic day when I […]


Expat Adventures in Romance

I’m scheduling this post for Valentines day, when I’m sure the blogosphere (and everywhere else) will be full of romance. I’m not a big fan of Valentines day, myself. Last year I was in Japan with the Passive Aggressive, wondering if her inability to even go to the corner shop by herself would cause me […]

Education Reflections

5 Things I Learned at Boarding School

For my last two years of school, I was at a fancy English boarding school. This is not something I write about or talk about much, because it was not the most enjoyable experience (so, normal for high school!). However like everything, there are some important lessons for life that I got out of it. […]