Figuring out “Remote Work” is Figuring out “Work”

Credit: Xisco Bibiloni /Wikimedia Commons There’s a category of Remote Work Think Pieces (by men) that is all about how they personally have had to adapt to remote work (different from the “remote work is the answer” think piece). These annoy me not because I don’t love reading about other people’s workflow and productivity (I do!) […]

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The Kill List

Nearly a year ago now, I took myself off to Paris. I wanted to see the Eiffel tower, practise my French, and go for long walks in the crisp cold and contemplate. Starting work again after a year as an international fuckwit of no fixed address, one thing on my mind a lot was time. […]

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The Daily 1, 2, 3

What? The idea of the 1,2,3 is simple.?I didn’t invent it – someone mentioned it’s used at maybe… npm? But I couldn’t find anything about it so on our team we defined it as this: What I must get done today. What I’m hopeful of. What I’m filling in the gaps with. Why? I’ve never […]

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6 Months. 6 Lessons.

Danbo likes to learn

Last week marked my six-month anniversary at Ride, which also marks six months of being a manager. It coincided with my team being in Medellin all together for our offsite. It was amazing to have everyone here, and this was part of something I have been thinking about since I started this job – how […]

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How I Run a Remote Team

Processes: Daily 123 in slack: 1 – what definitely will happen today, 2 – what will hopefully happen, 3 – what I’m filling in the gaps with. Daily standup: this is separate from 123, which I find is a better way to share?what. Standup is a little more about?how. Pairing: this just means “working together […]

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Start a Project. Kill a Project.

I have been enjoying everyone’s year in review posts, and reading what they hope to achieve over the next year. I love the enthusiasm and the new projects starting, but one thing I love even more is when I see people defining what they will do less of in 2016. For myself, I set my self a limit […]

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Running a Mentoring Program

Use the what?

As part of our Technically Speaking Anniversary, we ran a mentoring program. If you’d told me a year ago that we would be running a mentoring program as part of this I would have been shocked, because we had explicitly gone in this direction of scaling up the mentoring we did, and moving away from […]

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#OreDev – Starting Up: Building Great Products with Small Teams – Jan Erik Solem

My notes from Jan Erik Solem‘s talk at Oredev. I’m not sure how widely applicable these takeaways are, clearly this is working for them (or was when I saw this talk in 2014) but I would not extrapolate too much from that. Overall Team Guidelines: Small team with high performers. Independent learners. Doers – who manage […]

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One Thing

Danbo, llegó la primavera.

I feel like the “life lesson” that I have had the hardest time accepting is that you cannot improve every area of your life at once. There are times when every area of your life does improve at once (those are so great, but rare, in my experience often brought on by a dramatic life event […]

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Being Productive Offline

shows a productivity of 89%

Normally I embrace flights as a chance to generally disconnect (who else is unenthused about in-flight wifi? Holla!). I read, sometimes I write, but I’m not too concerned about “achieving things”. Sometimes I try to find something to work on offline, typically at the last minute in the lounge and it’s not been very successful. […]

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