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Interview: How to create momentum on day zero

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I did an interview with GitPrime about hiring and onboarding. I really like how it came out, and I hope you like it too!

“We talk about how engineers hate process,” says Cate Huston, Mobile Lead at Automattic, “but here’s my theory: engineers often love process, but when they love it, they call it culture.”

It’s a classic example of what you do being more important than what you say. Of course, put all the important stuff in your onboarding materials—but also conduct your interviews and onboarding in a way that’s honest to the culture you foster every day.

“This is foundational,” Huston says. “Think about the kind of culture you want to build on the team, then put in processes that back that up — and talk about it openly.”

In this interview, Huston shares how she uses her hiring and onboarding process to develop the culture she wants to see at Automattic — and create momentum even before individuals have joined the team.

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