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Things I May Never Get Used To In Berlin


I have loved spending a few months in Berlin. I’ve loved my leisurely exploration of the city, and the fabulous people I have met.

But there are some things I may never not find bizarre.

Lack of credit cards. Most places are cash only! There aren’t even that many ATMs! This drives me mad.

Fizzy water. Urgh. Expats seem to use willingness to drink this as a measure of how much you have amalgamated.

Only one water fountain at the gym. I’m convinced that this is because water fountains dispense only still water.

No kettlebells at the gym. Apparently this is because people were letting go and injuring each other? Bizarre. I found a really nice gym, but I do feel a bit like I’ve been transported back to the 00s there.

Cyclists on the pavement. The cycle paths I have learned to look out for (after a couple of near misses). But people cycling on the pavement? Sometimes whilst talking on their mobile phones? Ai.

Dogs, everywhere. I am terrified of dogs and in Berlin they are everywhere. On streets, in restaurants, tied up outside the grocery store, just roaming around.

Waiting to cross the road on a deserted street. I don’t have the patience not to jaywalk.

Grocery stores shut on Sundays. This requires a degree of organisation around food beyond what I am capable of.

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